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Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is 90-120 minutes long and is focused on obtaining a comprehensive picture of  your presenting difficulties, your concerns, symptoms, current/previous psychiatric treatment and general medical history. Diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed as well as the best way to implement the treatment plan. Assessment may include asking for your consent to obtain information from family members, previous psychiatrists, therapists, current medical providers, and other professionals as necessary. 

Medical tests such as blood work, EKGs, EEGs, MRI scans and/or other assessments will be ordered if required. You will be provided with information regarding treatment plan and how treatment will proceed.

Follow up appointments

The follow up visits will include tracking your progress, re-evaluation of symptoms, monitoring for side effects, discussion of life context, and when needed - incorporating collateral information from family or other medical providers

The duration will be 20-30 minutes and frequency of sessions will depend on case complexity and adjustment of medications.

Second Opinion consultations

Second opinion consultation include one time in depth consultation to aid in management of patients who want input regarding diagnoses and/or treatment options but who intend to continue working with their current treatment team. Typical visit time is 90-120 minutes. Assessment and  recommendations will be discussed with  patient and his treating clinicians (psychiatrist, primary care physician, gynecologist, neurologist etc.)