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Welcome to Mental Wellness Clinic

Dr. Rivka Ben Dor, Board Certified Psychiatrist

Mental Wellness Clinic, LLC provides individualized care to women and men seeking support and treatment for a broad range of mental health conditions. Using thorough evaluation, medication management, and therapy, we will work together to help you attain a better quality of life. If you have a therapist, I will communicate regularly with him or her to provide you the most personalized and effective care possible.

I create a professional and caring environment for my patients. I aim to empower my patients to openly discuss their concerns with me without fear of judgment.

My patients find me down to earth and easy to talk to. Through my practical and nonjudgmental approach, I have helped patients suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, and relationship struggles find balance in their lives.

I serve the following cities:

Washington DC




What Sets Mental Wellness Clinic Apart

I firmly believe in evidence-based treatment, which means that I prescribe treatments that have been proven to work.

When you come to me with a problem, I listen carefully to your story to grasp what you are experiencing, identify the problem, and find out which life stressors—family, work, attachments, medical problems, or nameless anxieties—contribute to your distress. Once I am familiar with your history, I will devise a treatment plan, and together we will make sure it is a plan you can follow. 

I trained in both psychiatry and family medicine. Through years of study and experience, I’ve come to recognize how strong the connection between mind and body is, and how stress can greatly impact a person’s health. In my practice, I employ holistic approach, I recommend life-style changes, and—where needed—prescribes evidence-tested medications to achieve a better quality of life.

Care Tailored Specifically to the Needs of Women

I have extensive experience in women’s mental health, having completed a  fellowship in behavioral endocrinology (women’s mental health) at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). In addition, I have published numerous articles and presented my work on women’s mental health at various local and national psychiatric meetings. 

If you are pregnant or considering pregnancy, I will carefully assess your history and risk factors and tailor a treatment plan to fit your—and your baby’s—individual benefits and risks. I also provide care and monitoring throughout your pregnancy and during the postpartum period. I will coordinate with your other doctors and therapists to ensure that you receive timely, high quality care.

“I feel privileged to support individuals toward a better quality of life.”