Meet Dr. Rivka Ben Dor

Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Owner of Mental Wellness Clinic, LLC

I am a general psychiatrist with a special interest in women’s mental health. In addition to my psychiatric training at Georgetown University, I completed a fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where I studied how reproductive hormones affect stress levels and mood during and after pregnancy and when transitioning into menopause. I received further training in adult psychotherapy at the Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis, and as a family doctor for many years, have a solid grounding in general medicine.

In Israel, I graduated cum laude from the prestigious Technion Medical School. After becoming Board Certified in Family Practice, I was hired to run a local medical clinic, which I did for eight years. I transformed my clinic into a highly respected medical facility. I also continued treating patients, helping them manage the journey from first symptoms, through diagnosis and treatment, into wellness. Finding that I was most gratified when my treatments for anxiety and depression increased patients’ overall wellbeing, I decided to switch careers and became Board Certified in Psychiatry.

Mental Wellness Clinic provides an outpatient setting where patients can get comprehensive treatment for problems that are undermining their emotional and mental health. In addition to being an experienced psychiatrist-physician with the finest psychiatric training, my style is nonjudgmental and caring. It is my goal to guide and support my patients on their journey toward a better quality of life.  



American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Perinatal Mental Health Society

DMV Women's Mental Health Consortium

Washington Psychiatric Society (WPS)

Education, Awards and Honors

  • Fellowship – National Institute of Health (NIH), Behavioral Endocrinology (Reproductive Psychiatry), Bethesda, MD, 2009 - 2012
  • Psychiatric Residency - Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC, and NIMH (PGY4) , 2012 - 2016
  • Doctorate of Medicine, cum laude - Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, 1999
  • Top Poster Award, The Society of Biological Psychiatry 71st annual meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, 2016         
  • NCDEU Young Investigator Award, American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ASCAP), 2011
  • Adult Psychotherapy Course, The Baltimore Washington Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, 2008 - 2010
  • Technion Excellence in a Doctoral Dissertation Award for: The use of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist and recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone (rhFSH) in controlled ovarian stimulating for in vitrofertilization (IVF), 1999
  • Family Medicine Specialist and Instructor at the Department of Family Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University


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“Depression and the Menopause Transition: a Prospective Longitudinal Study”

  •  Poster presentation, Society of Biological Psychiatry's 71st Annual Meeting in Atlanta, May 2016

“Plasma Levels of the Neurosteroid Androsterone Increase After DHEA Therapy and Are Associated with Changes in Mood and Sexual Functioning”

  • Poster presentation, Endocrine Society’s 66th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, June 2010

“Effects of Medically Induced Menopause on Mood and Behavior in Healthy Premenopausal Women”

  • Poster presentation, Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, May 2011

“Effects of Medically Induced Menopause on Mood and Behavior in Healthy Premenopausal Women”

  • New Investigator award program, poster presentation, NCDEU meeting in Florida, June 2011